Changing Seasons

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Vancouver! This usually means pumpkin spice lattes and more time inside. What many people forget to do this time of year, is to spice up their home decor.┬áSo, we thought we would put together a few tips on how to spruce up your living space for fall, without any major renovations!

1) Autumn inspired centrepieces: Bring some of the outdoors in through fall-themed decorations. Simply adding an arrangement of pinecones and maple leafs paired with a vanilla scented candle can change the mood of a room.


2) Change it up: Give your furniture a break and try some new arrangements. Play around with switching paintings, chairs, and the furnishings throughout your home to find the perfect fit for the coming months.

3) Pillow coverings: Those throw pillows you love? They may be keeping your home stuck in summer. An easy fix to change the colours and tones in your home, new pillow coverings. Don’t worry, we don’t mean everything should turn orange. Pastels, coppers, and greys do a fantastic job of creating a fresh autumn vibe.

If you wouldn’t wear the same outfit all year round, why should your house be any different? Looking for more inspiration, stop by and visit us!

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