Finishing the Job

When it comes to upholstery, most people only imagine what their furniture will look like with new fabric. They don’t realize, choosing your fabric is only half the fun.

The real fun starts when you pick the final touches that make your furniture unique. With custom upholstery, your possibilities are endless. Take the two pictures below.The image on the right is much more masculine and classic than the one of the left. The second image has a much softer, more feminine feel.


Even though both images have the same fabric, the finishes completely change the look and feel of the piece. This is especially true of the type of wood finishes you use on your furniture. For more of a modern look, stick with dark mahogany and black. Maybe even play around with lacquered greys. For a more vintage feel, choose a distressed white or lightly finished beech wood. There are so many options when you choose custom furniture. The possibilities are endless!

Next week we’ll showing what a difference it makes when you take your design further with tufting, nail-heads, or wood finishes. Do you have any questions about custom furniture or upholstery? Tweet them to us at @LisonAF