Changing Seasons

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Vancouver! This usually means pumpkin spice lattes and more time inside. What many people forget to do this time of year, is to spice up their home decor. So, we thought we would put together a few tips on how to spruce up your living space for fall, without any major renovations!

1) Autumn inspired centrepieces: Bring some of the outdoors in through fall-themed decorations. Simply adding an arrangement of pinecones and maple leafs paired with a vanilla scented candle can change the mood of a room.


2) Change it up: Give your furniture a break and try some new arrangements. Play around with switching paintings, chairs, and the furnishings throughout your home to find the perfect fit for the coming months.

3) Pillow coverings: Those throw pillows you love? They may be keeping your home stuck in summer. An easy fix to change the colours and tones in your home, new pillow coverings. Don’t worry, we don’t mean everything should turn orange. Pastels, coppers, and greys do a fantastic job of creating a fresh autumn vibe.

If you wouldn’t wear the same outfit all year round, why should your house be any different? Looking for more inspiration, stop by and visit us!


Design Inspiration

As you may know, we’re taking part in this year’s Vancouver Home and Design Show, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! What’s exciting about preparing for a show, is that we get to create a project that is all about us. Don’t get me wrong, we love helping others make their dream projects come true, but sometimes it’s fun to do it all for yourself.



Image via Pinterest.

The other day, we we’re perusing the Internet for a little design inspiration. Now we don’t want to give away too much before the big event, but it’s safe to say our booth is going to look fantastic. Our team has been working non-stop on ideas that will really showcase how much can be done with custom furniture. Sometimes, finding inspiration for a project can be half the fun!


Tufting is definitely in right now! Image via Pinterest

We find unique ideas anywhere from design blogs to everyday life. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest for all of our design inspiration! What inspires you?


All About Upholstery!

Last night we were joined by guests and upholstery specialist Steven Rystephanuk for our All About Upholstery seminar. With nearly 15 years of experience, Steve was able to advice guests on the different styles of tufting, picking the perfect fabric, and the materials used for custom upholstery.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 3.09.59 PM


A beautiful example of some of Steve’s work. 

Guests included local designers and design enthusiasts. Near the end of the seminar, guests were invited to ask Steve and Lison for advice on their custom furniture projects. Soon, Lison will be announcing her own line of custom furniture, but for now that is still under wraps!

We had a fantastic evening and we’re already looking forward to our next event, a Feng Shui Seminar with a local expert. Hope to see you there!


Upcoming: Upholstery Seminar

We thought we would round off upholstery month with an All About Upholstery seminar!

It’s been a blast spending August chatting about custom furniture and upholstery, so we thought we would start September the same way. On September 11th, you’re invited to join us for the first in a line-up of monthly seminars. To kick it off, we’ve invited upholstery specialist Steve Rystephanuk to join seasoned furniture designer Lison Ouellette as they discuss the art behind custom furniture and upholstery.

Where: Lison Art Furniture – 345 West Broadway, Vancouver

When: September 11th from 6PM – …

Get your tickets, and come enjoy a night of furniture, fun, and design inspiration. Each month we will be offering a seminar to expand your knowledge on all types of interior design and home furnishings. Make sure to check out our events page and mark your calendars!


Finishing the Job

When it comes to upholstery, most people only imagine what their furniture will look like with new fabric. They don’t realize, choosing your fabric is only half the fun.

The real fun starts when you pick the final touches that make your furniture unique. With custom upholstery, your possibilities are endless. Take the two pictures below.The image on the right is much more masculine and classic than the one of the left. The second image has a much softer, more feminine feel.


Even though both images have the same fabric, the finishes completely change the look and feel of the piece. This is especially true of the type of wood finishes you use on your furniture. For more of a modern look, stick with dark mahogany and black. Maybe even play around with lacquered greys. For a more vintage feel, choose a distressed white or lightly finished beech wood. There are so many options when you choose custom furniture. The possibilities are endless!

Next week we’ll showing what a difference it makes when you take your design further with tufting, nail-heads, or wood finishes. Do you have any questions about custom furniture or upholstery? Tweet them to us at @LisonAF


Functional Fabrics

Moving forth with Upholstery Month!

Last week we looked at picking the perfect cushioning for your custom furniture needs. This week, we want to talk about picking fabrics to suit your lifestyle.
Once you’ve decided on your cushioning, it’s time to move on to the really fun stuff, picking your fabric. There are plenty of decisions that go into finding the perfect fabric, two of the most important being:

1) Style: You want to make sure that the fabric you choose will compliment the rest of your home. If you’re not doing a complete overhaul of your furniture, make sure your new piece doesn’t clash with older furnishings in the house. That peacock pattern that you love so much, might not go too well with the red flannel you’ve got at home.

arm chair

image via
2) Lifestyle: Before making any decisions, think about how the furniture will be used. Fabric should be beautiful, but it should also be functional. If you’ve got a toddler at home, it’s best to wait a few years (or more) before splurging. Same goes for pets. Decide what purpose the furniture will have, how often it will be used, before picking your fabrics.

Finally, no matter what fabric you decide on, there will come a time when you need to replace it. Whether the pattern goes out of style or it starts to show it’s age, it will need to be updated.

If you’re looking to re-upholster old furniture and would like some advice, email us at info@lisonartfurniture.com. Have a great day!


Upholstery and Cushioning

This month we’ll be talking all about upholstery. For many people, upholstery never crosses their mind. For others, the idea of re-upholstering includes a new couch slip from Ikea. And then there are those of us who absolutely love upholstery. We thought we would share our passion and our knowledge, to help you see exactly what can be done when you opt for custom furniture.

arm chair

This chair desperately needs a new look! Wait until we’re done with it!
With any custom job, after you’ve picked your frame, you’ll move on to your cushioning. This is the fantastic part about custom work, your furniture is made for your comfort. If you want to be enveloped in a down cushioned chair, go right ahead.

As you get older though, you need a more firm seat. For those people getting into their senior years, just the act of sitting down and getting back up becomes a pain. Having the option to raise the hight of the seat and make it more rigid makes a world of difference.


Couldn’t you imagine sinking into this chair?
This is exactly the thing that makes custom furniture so wonderful. You decide what the chair will be used for, and build it around that need. Whether the chair is for grandpa or for a new mom, it’s built to be as comfortable as can be for the user.

After you decide on the frame and the cushioning, the fun begins! Next week we’ll be chatting about fabrics, finishings and matching your custom furniture with your lifestyle.


Going Social

Some of the greatest parts about starting our company have been all of the fantastic people we have met and all of the new things we have learnt. We’re especially excited about all the people we have e-met. We’re learning all these new things and connecting with people we would never have had the chance to if it hadn’t been for the Internet.

arm chair

We especially love Pinterest for inspiration like this!

We’ve fallen in love with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They’re such great spaces to find inspiration and connect with like-minded people. Have you gone social? Connect with us here, here, and here. Do you know of any other networks we should be on? Share them with us, we’d love to hear from you!


Services for Design Professionals

When Lison Art Furniture launched, we were sure about one thing, we wanted to support Vancouver’s interior design community.

In the last few months we’ve had the opportunity to do just that. We’ve met amazing designers with fantastic, unique styles. It brings us joy to be able to help them make their design goals a reality. Designers know that some projects need a special touch. At Lison Art Furniture you create the piece you need, to suite the project you’re working on. With our support, the creation of your custom furniture will be simple! We started on the principle of supporting design professionals, and that is true in all of our business decisions.

Now we’re looking to do even more for the design community. Starting this Fall, we will be featuring interior designers in our Vancouver boutique. We’re lucky to have such a beautiful retail space, and we’d like to share it! The style of one interior designer will be presented to the public in store and online.

So whatever the project, and whoever the client, we can help make your custom furniture dreams come true!


Summer Leather Seminar

On Thursday, June 27th we had the privilege to host the Summer Leather Series at our boutique.


We had a wonderful evening! After mingling around the food and drinks, Austen Leeden of Dragonfly Leather began his presentation to an audience of interior designers, fabric upholsterers, and developers. Austen discussed the latest trending colours and style designs direct from their exclusive tanneries in Italy, Belgium and the UK. He focused his presentation on the many types and styles of leather, and which is correct for the specific application. You wouldn’t want to invest in leather to see it destroyed by over use! Austen described to our guests how to identify cheap, poor quality leather and what not to purchase to avoid costly mistakes. He also discussed the range of environmentally friendly and sustainable leathers we can supply, for customers looking for “green” furniture.


We at Lison Art Furniture are proud to be one of Dragonfly Leather’s official showroom representatives in Vancouver. Dragonfly leather is the official supplier of Lison Art Furniture, so you know that when you order a custom-built, leather chair you will be getting the best quality in the city. For more information on Dragonfly Leather, please visit them here!

Thank you to everyone who attended the leather seminar. If you were not able to make it, don’t worry; we will be holding more design inspired seminars in the fall!



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